• 15 +1 language lab terminals for 30 students.
  • Latest Software Packages
  • Comfortable furnitures

Science & Mathematics Resource Centre

We have well developed Science & Mathematics lab which contains all the equipments and instruments required to perform practical as per prescribed syllabus of the university. It contains glass wares such as beakers, conical, flasks, measuring cylinders, test tubes, slides, geometrical box, cylinder, con, cube, cuboids, abacus etc. It also contains specimen related to Biology other than these it contains chemicals to perform practical related to Chemistry.

I.C.T. Resource Center

Computer lab is well equipped & connected with other computer from main department. All computers are connected with LAN using Thin Client Technology & Broadband Internet facility with 2 Mbps speed. Students are trained in using windows and other applications. They are taught to understand the Educational applications of Computer. Students are able to prepare instructional material by using MS- Office. They are trained to use internet for Educational purposes.

Art & Craft Resource Centre

We can no longer afford to ignore the importance of art and craft. Sant Kabir T.T. College has well equipped Art and Craft Resource Center with adequate number of equipments, tools, raw material and exemplary works of art and craft. Art is soul of life. All the possible facilities and opportunities are extended to our students to engrave student’s minds & creativity. Various competitions are organized every year. Workshops are also arranged to learn many artistic and creative things.


The teacher should not only understand children but also be aware of their expectations, potentialities and inclination. Teachers have to focus on practical work which will enable pupil-teacher to understand real-life application of concepts. In order to meet these requirements Psychology Resource Centre has sufficient psychological apparatus, tests, transparencies, CD are related to various aspects of human development and teaching learning process.

Health & Physical Education Resource Centre

To enable the physical development of the students and inculcate sports spirit in them, the Institute is providing indoor and outdoor sports facilities. Moreover, First-aid is also provided to check any minor health problem. In case of any major problem, medical assistance is provided by the Doctor.



  • Our college library has total no. of 5430 books and 561 reference books.
  • Sufficient books and journals and reference books.
  • Regular subscription of -
    • National Journals
    • International Journals
    • Newspapers
    • Magazines
  • Educational Encyclopedias
  • Electronic Publications (CD ROMs)
  • Comfortable and Spacious seating arrangement.


The Music Lab we provide a nurturing environment for student to engage in the finest performing arts education. Our staff is composed of experienced educators and professional performers, who provide our students with the very best in technical training and performance opportunities.

The Music lab transforms lives through excellence in music teaching, performance, creative activities, research and service.

The aim of having a music lab in college is to promote the study, practice and knowledge of music in our students and to give or arrange concerts and musical entertainments.

The lab has all kinds of instrument like drums, keyboard, veenas, mridangam, table, dholak , dappu, Kanjari, kango, guitar, digital tanpura.